Tiradentes invites visitors to beautiful days of rest and incredible experiences. The city is beautiful, peaceful, and without many tourist obligations to fulfill. The perfect set of factors for those who want to disconnect from the busy day to day to enjoy moments of pure delight amid charming landscapes and fascinating colonial mansions. Everything washed down with the best of Minas Gerais tradition and a delicious gastronomic tour.

Here, the attractions are well concentrated in the Historic Center. It is a place to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy life, in that wonderful and peaceful Minas Gerais way of being. There are museums, the fountain, the churches and a lot of wonderful preserved houses, it is like immersion in the past, with the right to itineraries made on foot, in a vehicle called Jardineira or in carriages.

The tourist still enjoys an abundant cuisine, ecotourism itineraries and varied cultural options, a busy schedule with attractions for all tastes, ranging from the Gastronomic Festival, through the Bike Fest, Film Festival, Blues, Jazz and much more along of the year.

Those who visit Tiradentes also have the opportunity to stroll in a train that works since Imperial Brazil, named Maria Fumaça, in addition to circulating in the region, visiting places like São João del Rei and Bichinho.